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A Letter to Myself at Age 15

Dear Jamie,

Right now, the world is very confusing. The glowing reality of a kid, mixed with the harsh reality of an adult are crashing together, creating chaos. You are being taught a few core principals; work hard to achieve greatness, start a family, be proud of your country, vote when you’re 18, and treat others as you want to be treated. 

You’re not rational yet, so you may not understand this now, but if we work hard to achieve greatness, why are so many hardworking men and women poor? If starting a family is so important, shouldn’t taking the time to provide stability for the right family matter? If pride in your country means so much, why aren’t politicians leading with heart? If voting was so important, why is it that so many people don’t get what they need? And of course, if people actually treat others as they want to be treated, why all this misery?

I wish someone could have come into your life at a time when you were soaking it all in and actually teach you some worthwhile lessons. Had someone come in, and took an interest, perhaps you would have been steered in a direction of ability instead of wasting so much time trying to fit in. That person could tell you about the bankers that use money they don’t have to make the majority poor, and them richer. He or she could have broken down exactly why it is that war has never solved anything—from a historical, and present stand point. This person standing in front of a 15 year old boy should have talked about the concepts of “old money”, “entitlement”, and “influence”.

Instead of moral hazard, you are taught capitalism. Instead of history, you are taught speculation. Instead of talking about what can make a society whole, you are being taught the Lord’s Prayer. You see, it’s better to offer a solution with no basis of fact, than take the time to get the right answer—that’s what “they” believe.

There are exceptions to every rule, however the system is designed for the masses to fail. It’s unclear whether this was by design, or mutation. In the end, the past shouldn’t matter, because it is the future that holds the most weight.

What I am saying to you might sound bleak. I don’t mean it to. The world is a fantastic place. It’s understanding what you want your life to be about that’s of the utmost importance. Do you want to be filthy rich? Study investments. Do you want to do good? Become a missionary. Do you have blood lust? Become a soldier. Do you want to take care of kids? Work in a daycare.

Unfortunately, no matter what—even though the premise is pure evil, and completely made of fantasy—you will need to make money. If your ambitions are to eat well you’ll need to make more than the average person. Own a car? Gotta make more. Own a home? Gotta make more. Vacation twice a year? Gotta make more.

Defining what you need to be happy will surely benefit you later.

I have a feeling that you will only be happy if you can travel the world, do crazy things like base jump, enjoy the time of a good woman, escape into cinematic adventures, write, and do something good for others. Try to define it early, for without that definition, that’s how a lot of people get lost out there in this world.

Eventually you will discover that looks fade, patriotism should not overshadow humanity, the government doesn’t care about you and won’t until they’re forced to, you can’t take from something without damaging it, treat others how they deserve to be treated—it’s the only way they learn, everybody lies, and damn her smile means more than any dollar amount in the bank.

The world is beautiful—but people in many respects, aren’t. If you ever want to feel content, and happy, you must do everything with passion, nothing until you understand, and hold on to those that are not toxic.

It’s human nature to over-reach, so reach out for happiness as defined by you. Oh, and one last thing—Mrs Lewko is telling you that you don’t know how to type, and you’ll never be good on a computer. I’m here to tell you, Mrs. Lewko has no idea what she’s talking about. Last semester she taught home ec.



WRITTEN BY JAMIE HALL Writer, Entrepreneur & Fan of Superman from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


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