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Chris Brown

It’s official, Chris Brown is coming to Winnipeg.  The announcement has been met with mixed reaction.  Quite a few people think he’s a jerk and won’t be going.  Then there’s the high class chicks, that are “so upset” with the people that “hate on Chris Brown”.  To quote one well thought out status, “You people are pathetic for hatin’ on Chris Brown. He has more talent in his pinky finger than any of you.”  Ignoring the blanket nature of the statement, I’m pretty sure most of the talent is in his fist.  But I digress.

There is no question that Chris Brown is a talented guy.  If MJ were alive he could probably share a stage quite comfortably with the King of Pop.  But then again, that’s not really the issue.  Talent aside, let’s say you’re a girl and your boyfriend screams at you, hits you, bites you, then throws you out of the car.  Do you stay with him?  Probably not.  If you do, seek help (that’s not a joke).  While it is not our place to judge “MC Hammer” it is our place to call into question, the role models that kids look up to.  Plainly put, Chris Brown should not be anyone’s role model, and he sure as shit should not be celebrated.  He’s just one guy in a long line up “men” that dive off the deep end and set horrible examples for humanity; Charlie Sheen, Bobby Brown, the Arnold, Michael Richards, and many others.  Furthermore, it’s one thing to enjoy the music, but to get pissy when people call out an abuser makes no sense.  Just put yourself in Rihanna’s shoes.  Look at the pic—really take it in.  No one looks like that unless they are beaten repeatedly and without remorse—not interview remorse, soul changing remorse.  Now, here it comes, you’re thinking, “but Rihanna forgave Chris Brown, so should we.”  To which I reply, someone needs to smack you with a shovel.

You and I don’t need to forgive this guy.  Only Rihanna and the women in his life need to forgive him.  I’m just saying that no one should put him on a pedestal, and treat him like a God.  He’s flesh and blood and a little screwed up IMHO.  No matter what a woman says or does to me (and I’ve been on the wrong side of a few arguments) I have never, and will never raise my hand to them.  That’s because I understand the difference between male and female strength, and my mom raised me right.  In closing, go to the concert if you like his music, but when he starts singing about true love and treating a woman with respect, maybe let out a “booo” for me.  Recognizing this guy is a hypocrite just may be the first step in the process to get back to sanity.

WRITTEN BY JAMIE HALL Writer, Entrepreneur & Fan of Superman from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


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