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COVID-19: Triple Verified FACTS


Last night I got pretty sick. I have an infection that’s completely unrelated but the symptoms I started to experience were drastically different than those the infection should be causing so I went to get tested for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) this morning.

After reading every medical journal I could find during self-quarantine (I subscribe to a bunch), talking with doctors and nurses, and fighting with conspiracy theorists for the past couple of weeks, here’s what I feel comfortable sharing.


There is no evidence of a biological attack by the Chinese whatsoever. ZERO. Russia didn’t make it, Trump didn’t make it … conspiracy theorists need to stop for a moment and realize sometimes bad shit just happens.

This was spread because in China there are too many people piled into small areas with all kinds of animals living in tandem. It’s basically a giant Petri dish. Animals have carried the virus for quite some time and finally a human got it. That’s how viruses work; they mutate to cause the most damage.

This next part is extremely important! COVID-19 is a virus created by nature and can be spread greatly by asymptomatic people in close contact. Most of the cases in China spread this way because the young and old inter-mingle more than here and their immunocompromised population are basically stacked on top of those who are perfectly healthy. The way they live is a recipe for disaster.

Now, for a very unpopular opinion …

If you’re seriously not going to self-quarantine then you need to at least segment. I know it sucks not to see family but that’s the absolute bare minimum you should be doing.

Segmenting basically means staying away from at risk groups; recent travellers, the elderly, young children, and those who are immunocompromised. Unfortunately, it is incumbent upon those who are older to lead by example and those who are compromised to be responsible as your condition is not always easy to spot.

There are people out there that won’t stay home, won’t listen and won’t accept reality. There are always “those people”.

Perfect world, we’d all stay in and order delivery but this isn’t a perfect world and I am happy businesses are taking this so seriously that they will take extreme precautions while staying open (following health care EXPERT’S guidelines). I’m also happy some businesses have closed. Both actions are necessary and socially responsible given varying sides of human nature.

I know none of this is a popular opinion but the time for trying to change human nature is over unless the government institutes a total shutdown. Even then, I bet people will go out. This is called realism and I hate it just as much as you.

Be as mad at me as you want for saying this but there are people out there that actually believe the earth is flat and did the Tide Pod Challenge.

Let’s work together and get out of this cage we’re in.


Most commonly, people experience symptoms related to most flus; fever, dry cough, muscle ache, fatigue. If you have anything more serious you should be going to the doctor regardless.


Mostly anyone over 55 or a person that is immunocompromised. If you smoke, have higher blood pressure, diabetes, are obese or have any other irregularity you need to be extra cautious. Young, healthy people can still get it. I know we all like to think we’re invincible, but we’re not. The number of young people being diagnosed is getting larger. Sure, most young people will experience a mild flu but anytime you ignore something, you exasperate the condition.

Young people who are healthy, follow the rules. I was healthy until just a few days ago when out of nowhere I got an infection. I’m not hella sick, but I have been self-isolating for over a week and I’ll continue to do so until my infection is gone and my test results come back.

Stop making everything about you; it’s about everyone that is in a higher risk set. Think about them; your mom, your dad, siblings … how would you feel knowing you got someone killed simply because you’re too cool for quarantine?


For months. This is the beginning and it will get muuuuuch worse with those diagnosed and killed expected to 10x the seasonal flu.

We have certain advantages in Canada; our population is nearly half of Italy with much more space, we are already a fairly sanitary society, we have amazing health care professionals, and our government is actually doing a good job reacting (although this crisis has revealed a lot of proactive holes).


You can’t just quarantine everyone. That’s unrealistic. The fact of the matter is governments are just not at all prepared to deal with this because we spend money on dumb shit and act like situations like this, climate change and other serious issues are impossible. Humans being humans, we now just have to deal with it.

I wish we were all as organized as we’d like to pretend; a siren sounds and everyone goes home for 30-days, transactions (money in and out) are suspended and we all listen. But again, there are people that believe the earth is flat.


Sanitize your hands, get sleep, supplement, and work out. Good health is the best way to combat poor health.

I did further research into N-95 masks after being prompted by a commenter. We are running low and if this gets much worse, then health care workers will need them more than us so abandon that mindset right now.

If you’re honestly worried enough to think about buying a supply of masks then STAY HOME!

Also, go get tested if you feel at all shitty.

STEP 1: Go to and run through the questionnaire.

STEP 2: If prompted, call Health Links: 1 (888) 315-9257 in Manitoba.

STEP 3: If the NURSE (not your cousin Tim who believes China invented the virus to become a superpower) on the phone says you should get tested … go!

Testing sites include Mount Carmel Clinic on Main Street, Access Transcona on Regent Avenue, Access Winnipeg West on Booth Drive, and Access Fort Garry on Plaza Drive. They’ve added more since, including a drive-thru. The test is uncomfortable for about 10-seconds. They swab up your nose into your throat.

This next bit is important because it addresses a lot of rhetoric I’ve seen about who can get tested!

The nurse on the phone has set criteria for tests. The first is, if you travelled you go to the head of the line. Then they listen to you, your breathing, for a cough, etc. If they feel you are at risk, they’ll tell you to get tested. It’s not JUST for travellers.

They do need to ration the tests though, so be patient and have a real conversation with the nurse on the phone. She’s a TRAINED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL, not Bob and 2B down the hall who read a meme and somehow got an invisible MD.


You should avoid large groups if you’re over 55 and in an area affected. You should be extra cautious with your health regardless of age or conditioning though. However, buying out bottled water and toilet paper is bonkers. Stop it. The zombie apocalypse is not nye.

Oh, and no ... there isn’t a new virus introduced every election year. That meme is bullshit ... shocking, huh?


It’s gonna take a year or more to come up with a vaccine (likely). This is because, despite what those idiotic brain dead anti-vaccine people like to say, it takes time to formulate the safest vaccine possible. There is ZERO way to formulate a vaccine that is safe for everyone but they do try to minimize the risk as much as possible. Don’t rely on news media for vaccine info. The top experts in the field say it’s going to be awhile. And, most of those articles you’re sharing with the headline, “Vaccine Imminent” are just click bait. The credible one’s all say we need to wait.

Also, it needs to spread. Not ideal at all but herd immunity is a real thing. For all of those that say this is another “harmless flu” please firmly have someone pull your head out of your ass if that’s even possible. The flu is only “harmless” because we have a vaccine, we have years of research and there’s herd immunity.

It takes roughly 4 - 34 days (depending on which lab is reporting at which stage in their research and several other factors) from contracting the virus to the point where you can become symptomatic so if you find out you were in a possible position to realistically catch it, do something about it!


Just like with everything that ails us, you won’t find the cure in a meme. This is a new-flu. There is no vaccine, which means treatment by a trained medical professional is the only way to combat the virus.


Just putting this here one more time for the conspiracy theorists in the back.

Well, yeah it’s more deadly than the regular flu. There’s a vaccine for the seasonal flu. VACCINES! Apparently they save lives. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Okay, so that’s all I’ve learned that I feel comfortable spreading. All of the information I wrote is triple verified, meaning I looked at 3 credible sources to back up any of the info to ensure it’s as accurate as possible.

I’m no doctor but I take my time, you should too. This is not a time to share articles that are questionable or to live off of the rush conspiracy theories give you. Look at vetted organizations for the news. Follow instructions. The information is constantly evolving and it's important to stay up-to-date.

It’s also important to remember that life will return to normal at some point, so don’t react based on short-term thinking. It will get better, but it will get better faster if you do your part.

Be cautious but don’t be a lunatic.

PS - Check in on those you know in the medical profession. I dated a nurse. They try to take care of themselves but at times like this that’s next to impossible. Thank everyone on the front lines for their hard work and if you can help them in any way, please do.


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