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So, You Want to Write a Book ...

Today, as I sit at a desk in The Stratosphere, Las Vegas, I can finally say that I am done writing my first book. It’s a been a process. That is for sure. This damn 200-pages has been like having a child (with re-writes).

I’ve learned a lot about the industry since I started out on this journey I never intended. That’s what this blog is about. Consider this the quid pro quo on all things Independent Author:

  • The average book sells 82 copies! 82!

  • This apparently has a lot to do with the fact that authors or introverts, and generally can’t promote themselves or their work. I guess that won’t be a problem for me.

  • The publisher doesn’t give a shit about you. My book was 480-pages. It was well thought out, with insane character development. Now, it’s 200-pages, and feels like fluff. It’s my fluff though, and I’ll own it. 

  • Apparently the youth of today are confused by commas, so my publisher removed a bunch of mine. This makes me sad.

  • Everyone sees releasing a book as an accomplishment, because it is. Don’t worry about sales. Be proud that you stuck it out.

  • I haven’t even released the book yet, and already there’s people saying my book sucks. Head up high. There’s going to be a lot more of that.

  • A lot will happen in your life that will try to distract you. I worked a HORRIBLE job that was very demanding. I left for a great job, got screwed over by DHS, ended up back at the horrible job only to be shut out because the old guard won out. A lot happened in my personal life as well. At some point you’ll have to make the decision to write or give up.

  • Good luck!

I have been writing for almost 2-years (blog & book), and I had to come to Vegas of all places in search of some peace and quiet to finish. Writing is hard. Very. It requires a clear mind, which is probably why so many writers drink and do heavy drugs. I’ve attempted to put something out there in the world, and I already know book 2 will be better. I can feel it.

You will too.

Once again, good luck.


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