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Syrian Refugees

My news feed on Facebook is finally interesting again. The Conservatives calling Trudeau all kinds of names, and the Liberals hailing their new hero. Seriously, I like Facebook again. My problem is that political parties have actually galvanized humanity.

The best case in point is that of the Syrian refugee debate. The Conservatives of my feed would have you believe that screening would stop a terrorist attack if there are terrorists amongst the refugees. The Liberals want to flood the country. You’re both probably wrong, and here’s why.

Conservatives … there is simply zero chance that we’ll successfully screen all of these refugees. It’s impossible, even if we take it slow. You’re out there with the major media hailing these terrorists as masterminds. You think they can’t pay off the right people to get the right documents and lie a bit? Which is it? Are they masterminds capable of fooling everyone, or idiots that can’t pass a religion test? It’s like the George W Bush debate. He will go down in history as the dumbest President of all time … who successful masterminded the most deadly terrorist attack in US history, along with the greatest coverup. At some point, you need to pick.

Liberals … flooding the country with a bunch of refugees out of nowhere is not good for our country or economy. Since most everyone these days equates the two to be the same, you see the problem. We have homeless people by the thousands, mental health issues, an entire province literally killing themselves over lost jobs, and resources in some areas are quickly depleting. How is adding an abundance of people to the country a positive? We need to fix our own problems.

There is a chance we’ve just let terrorists in our country, but they’re not in the form of Muslims, or Christians, Syrians, or Iraqis. They’re in the form of assholes. 100%, blue ribbon assholes. They come in all shapes and sizes, all races and religions. We can’t single out these people or those. Last time that happened, the world fell into utter chaos, and the time before that, before that, oh and, that other time with that guy with a ridiculous moustache.

Now, here’s the catch 22. Fuck you for even considering turning away people that had to flee war zones. Very few of us would be here if all of humanity throughout history had a similar approach. We’re all humans, and some of the destruction over there was us. So, what do we do?

We need to be smarter. That’s what we need to do. Stop making this a political issue. Everything’s a political issue today. It’s sad really. Justin Trudeau is trying to go the human route, which is great, but this isn’t the promise land. It’s simply more land. If we’re going to make this work we need to leave politics at the door and treat these refugees with common decency, while giving them an honest look at what their lives will be like. There should be contribution contracts in place IMHO. If we’re going to take you in, you better pull your weight. We need to be honest amongst ourselves, and with the refugees, with a solid program in place that doesn’t lead to a downturn in any area. 

Want to stop assholes from hating us for no good reason, and killing us? Treat them like your brother or sister, and help them understand we don’t hate them just because of a false idol they worship or part of the world they’ve called home. We should be better than that by now. Buy these people a meal, and talk to them. Let them know they deserve just as much respect as anyone else, and that the Donald Trumps, Stephen Harpers, and backwoods idiots don’t represent the general mindset.

Some of these people may be coming over here looking to see if we are the assholes they’ve been told. Let’s prove ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, and all those fucking douchebags wrong. Let’s be kind, and if anyone fucks around, then we deal with them.

We were proven wrong so many times when stereotyping groups in history. Of course, we’ll be wrong again. So be a decent human, or pack your bags and join Dbag Trump on that rocketship I hope we send him on at some point soon.

WRITTEN BY JAMIE HALL Writer, Entrepreneur & Fan of Superman from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


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