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We’ve Been Trumped

Today was the day. Trump is now the President of the USA. The entire process of an inauguration seems quite unnecessary, but I’ll leave that subject for my book. What I want to touch on are the subtle details surrounding this day.

To understand my post, we must rewind back to 2000, when George W Bush won the White House. The internet was abuzz because many had said the President was just a spokesperson for those that really make the decisions. Then those same people accused Dubya of masterminding 9/11, and being a ruthless leader trying to end the world. After that, Obama took power and once again many spouted that the President is nothing more than a figurehead. Now, here’s Trump, and we can see a man that has already affected the world in a big way. No one is saying the President is a figurehead any longer.

I bring this up because the world now has a US President that can cause huge polar shifts with a simple tweet or call. Look at what happened when the President of Taiwan called Trump, as a prime example that one small action by Trump can cause international concern. Donald Trump would not accept that call today (I think). He’s learned how easy it is to screw things up.


Today, for the first time ever, we saw Trump appreciate this fact, and actually act diplomatically. Jan 20, 2017, was the first true showing of diplomacy from a man not known for such an attribute.

While giving his speech, Trump called out every politician sitting around him, including the 4 former Presidents. It was anti-establishment, and contained a lot of big promises that the denizens of the web will hold him to. Yes, the speech was measured and pointed. 

Hillary Clinton

Where the diplomacy came, was in what Trump didn’t say. He never mentioned Hillary, and tradition generally states that the new President mentions his opponent. While some might see this as a slight, I really don’t think that was the intent. 

Trump likely didn’t mention Hillary because he didn’t want to risk the boo’s and chants against her. That’s diplomacy. Trump has finally recognized that a lot of the campaign tactics need to be left in the past. Do I expect this Trump to hold? Not really. I hope it does though, because let’s face it, the campaign was ugly. It was underscored by racism, prejudice, hate, insults, lies, and disrespect. When you remove a lot of that, Trump actually has a pretty good message.

He stands for the People, smaller government, and more of a spotlight on what’s important. That’s what he said in his inaugural address. So … awesome! It’s great to hear that message. Sure, many Presidents have said this before Trump, but we can hope that he will actually make good on his words.

Trump, Pence

However, I’m still not a fan of patriotism, and Trump’s really pushing USA first, which is something that hurt world relations under Dubya, and was repaired by Obama. I feel like patriotism is an old concept, and humanity should always come first. I guess as a people, we’re just not there yet. 

I’m also concerned about the lack of understanding when it comes to climate change. Then there’s VP Pence who believes smoking is good, climate change is false, and gays aren’t afforded equal rights. 

Now, most of my concerns were amplified by Donald Trump, the candidate, and with the first show of diplomacy we’re getting a taste of Donald Trump, the President. So, we’ll have to wait and see which Trump sits behind the Resolute Desk.

No matter what, it’s going to be an interesting 4-years, with the potential to see 8. No riots, and no past discomfort with the Electoral College will change what’s happening. So, let’s support the new leader of the free world, and if he tries to step out of line, let’s hold him accountable.


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