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White Privilege

There is a big debate on the internets right now about whether white privilege exists. Many of my fellow Caucasians rebuke the possibility of white privilege as a ridiculously archaic concept. To black people, they say, “You got a guy into the Oval Office, own most sports, and your culture has bled into every facet of 1st world life.” There are similar statements made about other races as well. At times, even I had a difficult time with the concept of white privilege. I think that’s because I’m so damn colour blind. 

If you look back in my blog you will find a few posts that indicate my blindness, but just because I’m colour blind, that does not mean I can’t look at such a subject objectively.

So, does white privilege exist in 2018?

I was speaking to a friend about this last week and during our conversation, an interesting point came about. Before I make that point, this is me …

What happens when I dress like a bum and someone encounters me on the street? Chances are they’ll think, I look like a bum and need a shower. 

Now, what happens if a woman encounters me alone at night? I mean I guess I’m tall, bald, and have tattoos but I’ve never once seen them clench their purse or put deliberate space between us. 

If I get into a fight am I labelled a thug? Nope. I’ve been in plenty of fights and people seem to understand where I’m coming from. 

When I stole hockey cards as a kid, was I taken to jail? Of course not. My parents were left to punish me. 

In grade school when I was an underachiever did anyone scold me? Not even a little. 

When I’m loud am I obnoxious or boisterous? I’m making a point!

When my friends and I tried to go to the US for 2002 NYE celebrations, did we get turned around at the border because of the colour of my skin? Please, that’s just not a thing. 

Okay, I think you see where I’m going with this. 

Many of my native friends have to basically dress in a suit to be taken seriously. My black friends and family have talked about how they’ve been judged for their skin colour when in an elevator alone with a woman, or when they get loud during a debate. My Asian friends were forced to feel like utter failures if they didn’t rank in the top 1% of the class. My cousin has been called a thug. A native friend of mine was charged with stealing a book. When we were turned around at the border, we experienced that because my friend in the back seat was brown and quiet. The list goes on and on.

I think white people don’t want to admit that white privilege exists because they’re uncomfortable with the notion that they are losing their hold on the power cycle. Personally, I’d rather have the strongest team possible around me made up of any race than a bunch of sub-par white folk. But that’s me.


There are things I don’t have to worry about in this life because I am white. That’s privilege personified. That’s what other races are talking about.

The lack of equality in these situations listed above purely based on skin colour is the problem that many are looking to solve. Straight up, the only bias that should exist is that against assholes. I’ve said that many times on this blog. 

So, this white guy right here is admitting to the existence of white privilege and the need to level the playing field for all races. I’d love to live in that kind of world. After all, doesn’t it seem silly to be arguing over pigmentation? Don’t we have a few far more important issues to deal with? 


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