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“You Leftist Jackass.”

Yesterday I commented on a Facebook post. The original poster had put up the video of a veteran giving Justin Trudeau shit, and JT’s horribly misguided response. Someone on that post asked about sources on some information about terrible spending by JT’s Liberals. For whatever reason, the internet decided to jump down this guy’s throat. I sourced out the information for him, and immediately the internet decided that he was stealing the info for a paper or trolling. Both were completely basely claims, so I pointed that out. This is when the, “You leftist jackass” comment came at me, and then I received a couple of messages that I ignored echoing this sentiment.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve been called a leftist, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. The problem is, I’m really not. If anything, I’m center; if that even exists anymore. I’ve worked on just as many right leaning political campaigns as left. What I find strange is that people have become so caught up in politics these days that the very core of their being is tied to their party. 

With such a system we’re never going to get anywhere because if the left comes out for something, the right must object. It’s the nature of debate. So essentially we’re not getting the best government possible because even if the parties agree on big issues, they can’t actually agree because they NEED talking points for this political theatre.

This got me thinking. What if I am a leftiest jackass masquerading as a centerist, that’s secretly yearning to be a righty? With that in mind, I prepared a little thought experiment. I think everyone that takes politics seriously should do this. Essentially, I took the big issues on each side of the aisle and formulated responses. Here’s what I discovered about myself:

Pro-life or Pro-choice (Center) Pro-choice up to the point science says the embryo is a conscious being.

Gun Ownership (Center) As long as you’re licensed, must wait for a short period before receiving the firearm, have taken a course, can be tracked if a problem arises, secure your weapon, and the government enforces finger print use of a firearm at some point soon, I see no reason why someone can’t own a gun.

Globalization (Left) I personally believe that Patriotism is an antiquated idea. We have learned over the years that our climate, environment, and use of both are inter-connected the world over with massive repercussions. If we truly globalized in a way that benefited living beings (and not corporations) then we would be in a much better place. Why would the US and Russia be at odds if the playing field was level? I’m proud to be human, and not so much Canadian. That doesn’t take away from being a Canadian or our need to get our house in order, but I am of Earth first.

Equality  (Left) Every living being has the right to the same opportunities and respect as another as long as they are not intending to, or actively creating victims.

Immigration (Right) The hot debate of 2017/18 sees no end in sight. I personally do welcome people from other countries BUT … no one benefits from an open door policy when that country has major issues. Currently Canada brings in approximately 250,000 immigrants annually. This despite our debt, oil vs environment, problems with homelessness, reserve funding, education and health care, and other major issues. Sure, it’s worse in Syria, but if we continue to tax our system with an additional 250,000 new people per year that need programs we can’t afford … then what? So I’d say, once the house is in order, screen, establish rules for the borders, and allow the people in that will help the country.

Who Should Pay the Most Tax (No Position) This is too big of an issues given how deep into the rabbit hole we’ve gone, so I’d say that under the current system there is no right or wrong answer. The entire tax system needs an overhaul. It’s needlessly complicated and then when you add social support funds it becomes a complete mess. 

Hiring Globally vs Locally (Right) Locally. While my stance here may seem like it is counter to my globalization position, it really isn’t. If we look to move industry in a local direction first then all economies will be stronger for it, boosting the global position. If you can’t find the talent locally, then look globally, but there must be an honest effort to find a local employee. 

Climate Change (Left) I believe in science and that many of us deny it because we don’t really see the change with our own 2 eyes. Head to Greenland and talk to the 50+ club up there, and you’ll believe pretty quickly. Of course, you only need to take that trip if you have some evidence that 95% of scientists don’t have, and you don’t believe the other 5% (or most of them) get their money from corporations and lobbies that benefit from the denial.

Regulation (Right) How much should government get involved in regulating people and industry? I’d say only when an independent body that moves faster than the courts can agree that there is some fuckery under the topics of safety, medical resources, protection of basic human rights, infrastructure, exploration, and the basis for technological advancement. Otherwise, government should not get involved.

Equal Outcome (Right) Straight nonsense.

Water as an Industry (Left) Failed government at its finest.

Fiscal Responsibility (Right) Whoever the leader, they should be held accountable for their spending, and should not be allowed any vanity projects until there is an established surplus. No bullshit benefits for the politicians, vanity projects, or vacations. Get your damn house in order, prove you can actually do your job while not violating the rights of your citizens, then you can ask us to take on additional projects.

Eye for an Eye (Right) Absolutely.

Education (Center) The current system is straight out of the stone ages. I believe interests and aptitude should be nurtured and that practical classes should be applied such as financial responsibility when mommy and daddy aren’t around, self-defense, CV development and interviewing, etc. School should prepare kids for the real world.

Marijuana, Cigarettes & Alcohol (Left) If you’re going to legalize one, you have to legalize all. If you smoke and your health is compromised in direct correlation you should have to pay for your care though. 

Veteran Care (Left) If we expect someone to fight for their country, their county owes them a debt. End of story. War has untold effects and they are individual to the person. In many cases, if a veteran has seen action they should come home to retirement, treatment, some public work, and the ability to hold their head high.

Gender Pronouns & Puberty Blocking (Right) A nonsense debate. That’s the left run amuck. I take the same position on this subject that I take on all subjects; science. Biologically you’re either a man or a woman. If you want to identify as that which you were not born, fine. But you have to claim a side in the public eye, and can’t get mad when someone won’t call you Zee Martha or Zi Stu. The biggest issue in this debate is that the use is being legislated. That’s not what Canada or the US are built on. Give us some science to support non-binary and then you’ll get your way. If you can show some proof that non-binary identity is indeed a biological imperative then I’m more than happy to listen. We just jump the gun too much on these things. Proof then restructuring, not the other way around.

Social Assistance (Right) If you have the ability to work, you should. If you don’t, that’s when you become homeless. Why, oh why would you want to be homeless? Social assistance is meant for those that can’t work. I believe those with disabilities that prevent them, mother’s of children up to 10 years old (as long as they are following a mandate of equitable child care), those with genetic conditions, and people whom cannot work for valid scientific or biological reasons should get social assistance.

Social Integration (Center) If you decide to move to Canada, you must follow Canadian law, establish Canadian customs, and take social integration seriously. This should not infringe on what you have learned or the religion you practice, but those customs cannot counter with the country you decided to come to either.

Free Speech (Center) Absolutely, but if you use it to create a victim, get the fuck out of here.

Industry Funded by Government (Center) No industry should be funded by government. If an industry is valuable to the populous and it cannot support itself then it should become a branch of government.

Privacy (Center) Everyone has a right to privacy until they try to create a victim. The algorithms should be good enough at this point that conversations can only be flagged if the words, tone, and sentence structure deem necessary. Otherwise, conversation and personal identity should be unreadable code. That might sound like a police state to you, but things are getting worse out there, and people need to be stopped from committing heinous acts against other people and planet. But, while I believe digital communications should be tapped, rights should not be violated unless clear infringement upon law. If you’re not an asshole you shouldn’t have a problem with that. Of course, we’d need access to the systems and the people running them for this to work. I should be able to walk into the building that is monitoring this information and get an unrestricted tour. The people involved in the process should have publicly accessible bios with contact info as well.

Death Penalty (Right) If you kill or cause irreparable harm you should not be given the death penalty. This is the only case in which I condone slavery. You should become a slave to society, doing the work that those who didn’t violate anyone’s rights don’t want to do. Clean toilets, wash off graffiti, pick up shit, sort the garbage from recycling in the dump, be a part of human medical trials, etc. Death is too easy an out, so this is where I believe eye for an eye comes in play. You take a life then you deserve to have your life taken away from you in a way that benefits us law abiding citizens.

Criminal Rehabilitation (Center) For crimes not classified above, the criminals should be put into a system of rehabilitation with no access to the outside world so they feel the repercussions of what they have done.

State and Church (Left) Keep them separate. End of story. 


So there you have it. I am a mixed bag, landing me in the center. I feel like I lean left some times but based on this, I’m 8C - 7L - 9R. Am I bad person for having these positions? I wouldn’t say so. If I saw this on someone’s blog I’d think, “well perhaps I don’t agree with his position, but it seems rational enough”. So, why are we tying our identity so close to politics. I am both pro-choice and pro-gun, pro-surveillance and pro-weed. I can’t be the only one.


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