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You Shouldn’t Be Excited about The Rock Running in 2020

Let me say out of the gate, I am a HUGE Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson fan. My fanboy lifestyle goes way back to the days of the WWE, shiny shirts, and elongated sideburns. I could smell what he was cookin' when he was a part of the Nation of Domination. Okay, I'll stop geeking out now.

I have his book and once crashed a Hollywood party in Vegas trying to meet the guy. He’s a master on the mic, and may just be the hardest working guy on the planet.


When “The Rock for President” rumours started online I basically ignored them. I figured it was just the internet trolls in their natural state. Then I read the GQ article that started the madness. When asked if he’d ever run for President, The Rock said “yeah”. A little while later, The Rock went on the Tonight Show and said this …

Okay, so given that I am a huge fan of The Rock, why should you not be excited for him to run for President?

If you go back in my blog you’ll find a prediction that Donald Trump would be the next President of the US an entire year before he won. My reasons for thinking the Donald would make a horrible President are just as valid for a figure like The Rock, and Prez DJT has proven me right.

Guys, POTUS is the most important job in the world.

Even if you believe in the illuminati it’s still the most important because it’s the most public. If the hidden powers want something done and POTUS doesn’t agree he can address the world and out them, while doing what he wants. POTUS controls the military, the money, and the pulse of the people.

There is no more important job than POTUS because the US is the world’s superpower (for now at least).

Back in 2012, when President Donald J Trump was starting to look like a real contender because of the constant buyer’s regret—so to speak—that the US has with nearly everything, I wondered why it is that people didn’t see the elephant in the room.

The last thing you want is a President getting on the job training.

Now, that theory has been proven. DJT is a hot headed bully, who just wants to flex his non-existent orange muscles (do you think he gets a full body spray tan? *shutters*), and has not a single clue as to what diplomacy is.

The Rock would likely be the opposite of that, which is great, but what if on Day One of his Presidency another 9/11 happens, or climate change takes a sudden worsening turn and Florida sinks into the ocean, or the financial markets collapse?

While we can dog politicians all day, it’s not that we don’t need politicians … we need BETTER politicians. 

To get those better politicians The Rock would need to join government and pay his dues, learn the ropes, and take on years of training in lesser positions before he were to run for President.

The problem?

That’s just not sexy enough for most. We want the trash talking wrestler to get up there and Hulk Smash Trump, and then rock Ballers suits at briefings.

People, that’s not politics … that’s entertainment, and we have to remove it from the act of governance. Politics should be boring and methodical, with the people getting a voice echoed by their leaders. 

You’ve gotten lost in the world of Hollywood explosions, reality TV, and one-liners. Grow up.

Trump got elected President with less training than it takes to get a job at a gas station.

If The Rock were to get elected in 2020 or 2024, or even 2028, we'd be giving the job to another person without the necessary experience to do it well. Plus, he may listen to those around him but that could mean he gets used to further someone else's agenda.

It’s a slippery slope when you let the kid in the mailroom become CEO on his first day, or you allow someone who’s never skated before to play in the NHL just because you like him.

You just don’t give a rookie the C at his first practice unless you’re desperate.

It has never and will never work.

You may not like Bush or Obama, but at the very least they had some sort of basis for the job prior to getting it. We don't need another popularity contest ... we need an ethical system.

Take this shit seriously, because these are the people that take our world (the only one we’ve got) and shape it. While The Rock would absolutely be a better President than Donald Trump, it wouldn’t be by much.


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