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I started out as a shy kid afraid of his own shadow who wasn't very bright. Through sheer will power, I turned that around and attempted to make something out of my life. I'm not the best man, and some times I have to remind myself to be good, but at the end of the day I live my life by a simple philosophy which governs my course forward, "Do everything I can to not create any victims."

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My Life Script

It's been a wild, WILD ride! My Principal, Mr Bumstead (how perfect is that?) once told me that I'd be dead or in jail by the time I reached my 20's. My computer teacher, Mrs Lewko wrote in my report card that I shouldn't bother even trying with computers. Fast forward more years than I'll ever admit and I run an IT and marketing company experimenting with development and AI with a large team and an office in the heart of Winnipeg.

While that encompasses my day job, I've done a little bit of everything. Here are the highlights:

  • Politics: Worked on Stephen Harper for Prime Minister, Sam Katz for Mayor, Justin Trudeau for Prime Minister, and Obama for POTUS campaigns in various capacities. I've also been involved in many campaigns behind the scenes with a 96% success rate.

  • Advocate: I have nothing but love for nurses. After spending time with them I realized they are one of our most undervalued resources. With that in mind I've taken on 2 efforts in support of nurses; surprise gift baskets with hundreds in free gifts delivered in the middle of the night to 250 nurses and a campaign to get nurses an arbitrator and contract after 5 years of neglect by the Manitoba government.

  • Event Production: 1,000+ events under my belt and the itch continues to return. For the most part, I scratch it with my platform, TicketTote but every so often I end up back in the production chair; most recently with an event called Fear.

  • Host: Whether radio, TV, or podcasts, I've had fun doing it all. I've also hosted an innumerable number of events live on stage. You can watch a couple of my shows right here on this site.

  • Travel Blogger: I've had a lot of fun travelling the world for my travel blog and while I have next to no time for it currently, I plan to jump back in eventually.

  • Writer: I've written to fictional books and plan to write more when I have time. I have also written a lot of long-form content.

Outside of work, I've tried to enjoy every minute of my life. I love extreme sports like parkour, sky diving, mountain biking difficult trails, and climbing what should not be climbed. I've dated some of the most amazing women but have yet to find my match. My family means a great deal to me as well. I am a mama's boy (but not in a toxic way).

I try to stay as healthy as I can without removing the pleasures this life has to offer. You'll find me doing short, powerful stints in the gym, supplementing, and pushing my body through extreme temperatures.

That's pretty much me in a nutshell.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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