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welcome to the winnipeg show

A look back at a TV show that we produced. The challenge was to make a show that was topical without being topical because that's what the network wanted. I was a fish out of water doing standup of sorts, but we have a lot of fun on this project and packed the studio audience on our last taping, which was cool to see. TV is a lot of work, but very rewarding.

Guest: Joe Aiello

DJ: Panda Phunk

Singer: Tiffany Ponce

Guest: Stephen Hua

DJ: Drux

Comedian: Chantel Marostica

Guest: DJ Dow Jones

DJ: Hollywood Hype

Comedian: Nelson Mayer

Guest: David Bergen

DJ: Hectic

Singer: Sierra Noble

Guest: Dave Brown

DJ: Dlo

Rapper: Catskill

Guest: Andrew Harris

DJ: Turbulence

Singer: Flo

Guest: Peter Takis

Rapper: The Treble

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