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Dr. Heather Caslin PhD dropped some serious and well articulated science on us with her appearance on Shit People Post. Not only did she drop the science live but she left behind links for you all to do your research and learn more about COVID-19, as well as vaccines. Check out the links below!


Note: During the podcast, Heather says encephalopathy or encephalitis is a potential vaccine injury that is swelling of the brain, but more accurately it’s inflammation of the brain that may cause confusion, weakness, loss of concentration, memory loss, personality change, or seizures (Mayo Clinic). It’s often caused by infection itself- and could therefore be a reaction to the viral/ bacterial particles in the vaccine and not the other ingredients, but it’s something that we look for and consider potential enough to compensate for.


Similarly, Guillain-Barre Syndrome occurs at 1-2 cases/ million flu vaccinations but the rate is 17x higher with flu infections, so this side effect is more of a product of the flu particles itself, not other vaccine ingredients, but still worth compensating for.


Vaccine injuries with enough evidence to be compensated for in the US and their timeline:


Many of the above are rare, as you can see here anaphylaxis is the most common:


Graphs of polio before and after the vaccine: 


During the podcast, Heather talks about a vaccine information statement provided in the US with all vaccines, example here: 


Excess deaths chart for US cases (for anyone who says we’re just shifting diagnoses and deaths to “say” things are COVID):


Great article on the immune system and COVID:


Great general vaccine resource:


A few other great podcasts: Unbiased Science (Episodes 12-14 on vaccines/COVID vaccines) and Speaking of Science (Episode 14 with Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett- on the NIH mRNA vaccine team)

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