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Dear Humans

Dear Humans,

I’m you, and you are me. That doesn’t mean I understand you much though. We live life following along with stereotypes despite our wide range of emotions, cultures, views, and abilities. We cut each other down while only getting a sliver of a story. We break each other for amusement, because our lives need to be filled with something.

We are lumped into red or blue, conservative or liberal, this or that. All of this despite having access to the greatest collection of knowledge in history. We’ve turned computers and the internet into false bravado and plugged in for everything from porn to cat videos.

Our technology is vast, yet we don’t use it for the really obvious reasons that could benefit us; propping up 3rd world health, recording those that dictate the course of our lives such as police and politicians, and saving the only home we all have. The Pentagon spent $80m+ on Viagra, and $14m on environmental programs in the last couple of years. Let that sink in.

Yes, us humans have been led astray. We believe that because Kim Kardashian is famous that she’s somehow better, and that the latest article with a compelling headline is the gospel.

Scientists give us new evidence every day of progress, but we hold onto tradition like it’s a life raft in the middle of a thunderstorm. The Constitution of the US was written before people knew to wipe their asses. In Canada, toilet paper had only been around for a decade. The Bible has been proven wrong, and is now a suggestion, but the morals taught by the good book don’t take into account raping children.

2.5 million people are killed by the legal drug that is alcohol annually, not to mention all of the relationships and lives destroyed, yet somehow with 0 deaths linked to a plant called marijuana, BILLIONS of dollars are spent debating its legality.

Oil over solar. Slaughter over compassion. Blogs over books. McDonalds over health. Smoking. Victimizing. Envy.

It’s all going to shit, and only because we allow it to. Millions are crying about not having an option in this US election, but still feel the need to vote. The logic is hopelessly flawed. Our logic as a whole on all kinds of fucked up subjects is hopelessly flawed.

Trump gets more headlines than the looming threat of WWIII, or the complete destruction of our planet, and you wonder why he’s in the running? Because we’re entertained, and that’s all we care about.

The sad thing is that one day we’re all going to wake up to a world we could have made better if we just cared enough to change it. If we had just stopped spending 12-hours a day playing video games, watching porn, and following celebrities around maybe we could have saved this world. But that’s just too inconvenient. Damn the oceans, screw the habitats, and to hell with logic … because we need stimulus. A speared whale laying on dead coral in a polluted ocean, connected to a beach full of garbage, near a city full of toxins, where people are taking advantage of their neighbours, and leaders are money hungry brats isn’t sexy enough for us.

And sex sells right?

It occurred to me this year that we all have a big problem. It’s unlikely to be WWIII or a zombie apocalypse. No. Our problem is stupid people have been able to get access to the same information as smart people, allowing them to disguise themselves as intelligent; all the while confusing the issues. Intellect and reason are the only traditions worth hanging onto, and yet, they’re the only traditions I see slipping away. But, at least the gun laws will be protected.

Fuck this place. I volunteer to find out where that black hole they find next takes us.




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