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Hatred in the US

You’ve all heard that America is on the cusp of the apocalypse since Trump was elected to sit in the White House and deny climate change, or hate other cultures, or nuke entire sections of the world.

But is it all real? Is Trump as bad as many think he will be for this world? Only time will tell. I mean, many in the US seem completely unfazed by the fact that science has left the White House, that what the country was built on (immigration) is under siege, or that they were voting for middle class development but ended up voting in another old, white man, with views from yesterday.

We just won’t know how Trump will do as a President until he’s actually in the White House. There is a chance he’ll do a good job. It’s a small chance, but a chance non-the less. But, the real problem is not job performance. It’s in the message.

Consider the following: 

  • There were no large scale (80+ killed) terrorist attacks on the US in the last eight years.

  • Since 9/11 more non-jihadist attacks have taken place in the US than related to those with a jihadist cause. (link)

  • Climate change has left states like Florida (link) reeling. 

  • “The Wall” is absurd since Trump said he’ll stop spending like a typical politician but even MIT assessed the cost of the wall at $38m. (link) Mexico won’t pay for it. Oh, and there’s the whole, illegal alien intake is down thing that is a result of 8 years of good policy (and I’ll even give Bush a nod on this one). BTW, I agree that illegal immigration is an issue, but it’s an issue that already has some solutions, and wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t build artificial borders on land we borrow anyway. (link)

When you look at that, the points that the Trump base rally around are actually kind of silly. BUT, again, time will tell how this all plays out. There’s a chance that the Muslim ban won’t ignite terrorist cells. There’s a chance that climate change is a hoax perpetrated on the world by China (not really). There’s a chance the wall will help keep borders more secure. I guess this is all possible.

So let’s set that aside. If you take the outlandish promises out, what are we left with? Has the “Trump” way of thinking ignited a hatred in the US, and made it so that average people are now openly hateful for no reason? You be the judge.

Video #1: White guy in a sweater vest loses his shit.

Video #2: Kids aren’t born with hate, they learn it.

Video #3: A Montage of hate crimes.

Video #4: Go away!

Then there’s this guy. Don’t think he actually had a plan. Perhaps drunk?

Sorry, I couldn’t find the YT link for it.

And where does this all come from?

Remember, we are a tribal species, and when a leader speaks up, those that follow, often follow with vigour. Trump can’t look into a camera and tell people to stop the hate crimes in the US and be effective in his message, because the leader of the Birther movement already endorsed it.

Good luck with that, sir.


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