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Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Tonight, I was a part of a spirited debate over Christmas Eve dinner. The topic? Responsibility as an Adult. I, personally do not drink, for I enjoy manning up and owning my mistakes. I don’t default to the usual, “but I was drunk” or the classic, “I didn’t know what I was doing”. You silly bitch … Then maybe you shouldn’t have drank so much, and you know you knew; you just chose to ignore the fall out.

There was far too much lack of responsibility in 2013. Here’s a few examples that I can think of:

1. Affluenza If being too rich to understand the basic principal of right and wrong is a defense in court, then being too poor, too drunk, too white, too black, too dumb, or too happy should all be allowed as well. That dumb shit that got off is the worst kind of ‘uman, and all of the people involved in the trial are the worst offenders of being irresponsible. The kid for killing people, parents for allowing their kid to get away with it, the psychologist for providing the defense, and the judge for actually going along with it all. Simply put, this piece of high society trash killed people. Rich or poor, you know that’s jacked.

2. Property Management I moved into a new place on Sept 30. It is Dec 25, and still, many of the repairs that have been needed in the suite since day one aren’t completed. In fact, the first of the repairs were done on Thursday. The rest were supposed to be done on Friday. All through this, no apologies, no restitution, and no diligence. If you are a property management company, and you screw up royally for months, own up to your deficiencies, and take responsibility. Ridiculous.

3. Lawsuits A video was recently published about the woman that was awarded money after spilling a Mcy D’s coffee on herself. The video was to make the case for why we, the people should sympathize with her. Then there’s people getting injured doing dumb shit, drunk drivers killing people, and the list goes on. Look, people … You fucked up. Now suck it up. It’s not the fault of others that your life sucks, or what you did sucks. No one is responsible for you, except you.

4. Free Jim Bo! Jim Bo goes to 7-11, robs the place, pistol whips the clerk, then runs for it. He gets caught, and on top of it all, he has a history of this kinda stupid shit. His friends then take to social media pleading for the courts to free their homie. Not only do they do this, but they blame the “fucking pigs for ruining Jim Bo’s life”. Look … No one ruined Jim Bo’s life, but Jim Bo, and jail is exactly where he belongs. He bought the gun, he walked into Sev, he robbed the till, he fled. Sure, maybe his family was hungry, but that’s what Labour Ready is for. If you can’t find a full time, then get some casual work. Take responsibility when you get caught red handed. Shit son!

End of the day, we are our own keepers of truth, and we know when we screw up, we deserve to be punished. On the flip side though, we should also be afforded the right to do good by the situation. People that pass the buck, and hide behind lawyers, or blame others just because they can, are weak sauce bitches. Own it, and do better or get the fuck off our planet.

Merry Christmas! lol.

PS - I wrote this in bed, on my phone and I am far too lazy to go back and read this whole thing as a final edit. That said, it’s just my personal blog. If there’s errors, sue me. ;)


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