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TRUMP 2020: The Liberals Have Re-Elected the Donald

It was 316 days before the 2016 US Presidential election when I wrote a small blurb in one of my blogs, “Donald Trump is probably going to be the next President of the United States”. I shuttered at the thought; not because I thought all of his ideas were bad, but because he’s a gross human being. His silver spoon was surgically implanted at a young age, he’s been bailed out more than a boat in New Orleans, and as a result, has used the world as a playground. He’s the ultimate bully despite being terribly out of shape and never having to fight for anything. 

I actually agree with the Donald on a few core ideas, just not his execution:

  • Immigration Reform: Both the US and Canada need it, but his plan is just so inhumane. There are better ways of making it happen.

  • Trade: If it can be clearly shown the US has been taken advantage of while not taking advantage of others then trade agreements do need to be assessed.

  • Medical Coverage: Obamacare isn’t perfect, even Obama said so. Stripping it away and making way for something new is just dumb. Unfortunately with 350m people to look after, nothing will ultimately be a magic bullet. Instead of dumping the program, for the most part, he should have picked a few key fights to improve it.

Those are my main points of agreement with Trump. He’s just a shit orator and a shittier human, bringing out the worst in people. But then again, maybe this needed to happen so the US could wake up and stop being holier than thou.

Hillary Clinton and a Female President

On the other side, there was Hillary Clinton, the absolute worst candidate for a legitimate run at the office. She did serve her purpose though, and I’ll get to that. The problem was that many couldn’t believe a word she said. She attacked Obama then worked for him, then he made the huge error of endorsing her (thus hurting his legacy). There was also the email issue … no one in history has ever deleted that many emails. She lied in some way shape or form. There’s no question.

Hillary was never going to be President because she grew up in a generation where women were mom’s and eventually ALLOWED to work and be a part of the conversation. No, her purpose wasn’t to win; it was to gas up the women of the future to grow up believing they deserve and are entitled to be a part of the conversation. Hillary’s run gave birth to the first female President. Unfortunately, for her, Jill Stein, and Elizabeth Warren … they are the trailblazers but not the champions. It’s wrong to think this way, but all 3 are seen is sidekicks and not leaders. If the Dems run Elizabeth Warren on the ticket she won’t win.

Oh, it Berns

That brings us to the man with the terrible plan; Bernie Sanders. If the Dems run him they won’t win either. He’s too easy a target with his lack of economic understanding and Trump has taken the Obama/Trump economic victories and claimed him as Trump-only so over 50% of the US will listen to him before Bernie.

The Left has elected Donald Trump because they don’t know where their strongest assets are. Those assets are not in government currently. If you want to beat Donald Trump you have to do it with another person the other side is passionate about. You need to run Michelle Obama or Mark Zuckerberg. I know that both sound like crazy picks, but sensibly speaking Michelle is a rock star and Mark knows more about the country than anyone. Either, or have a chance against Trump … short of someone like that, he’s in for 4 more years.

Left vs Right

I try to listen to a good balance of conservative and liberal podcasts. On the extreme right, you have Ben Shapiro. He’s cocky and kinda annoying but has a plethora of great points backed by solid ideas. On the extreme left, you have the Daily Zeitgeist. They have a basic understanding of human dignity and why Trump is gross, but they’re so damn liberal they can rarely give any air to the other side.

The left has fucked it up for themselves with their bleed hearts and lack of proof based rhetoric. That’s not to be confused with lies based rhetoric from the right. Lack of proof based rhetoric means they’ll stand behind any cause in the face of science (gender dysmorphia), medicine (vaccines), and proof (guilty until proven innocent claims). The right denies climate change, but you understand why—money, as disgusting as that is. The left just needs a cause because it’s Tuesday and they crave more attention. I believe the Internet has screwed them up.

Trump will win in 2020 barring a recession, a screw job by North Korea, or climate change accelerating in a big way. He’ll win for the same reason he won in 2016; the left is too busy screaming about what’s wrong with Trump to highlight what’s right with their candidates … if they can find a worthy opponent. So, way to go left, you’re doing exactly the opposite of what you were trying to accomplish. 


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