• Jay Hall

The Politics of Language

Two-days ago I was feeling good. At 7:30pm, I stood at a podium and laid out a plan for the Southdale riding as the area’s potentially new MLA. I talked about maintaining safety, bus routes, PST cuts for kid’s sporting goods, and how passionate I want to be about health care. I also talked about how I’ve been asked to run in politics before, but never felt like there was much of a point. Then I met Rana Bokhari. In the world of politics—of which I have spent some time—she seemed different. There’s a certain realness to Rana that I believe is missing today in most political arenas; even though that realness will likely be her downfall because she doesn’t seem ready for leadership.

Yesterday, it was revealed that I said some things of which some people were offended. I apologized, because I never meant to offend anyone—even four or five years ago. I try to be polite and courteous whenever possible. Tweets were questioned, and I stated they were taken out of context. They were, but at the end of this blog I give them context. If you’re interested, you can read that information below. Sharon Blady, the NDP, and the media called me a misogynist. By definition, that would mean I hate women. Nothing in these tweets spells out hate so I guess that just proves all people care about are catchy buzzwords, even if they don’t understand the English language. Also, when evaluating a person’s personality type, you have to look at their entire body of work; not a few tweets pulled without context. That’s the rational approach, but rationale isn’t so popular these days.

Videos advertising my nightclub projects were also called into question. To be honest, image and sex sells in nightlife. This doesn’t equal objectification or misogyny, but instead an admiration. 

I don’t drink or dance, so I was the oxymoron of the industry. That’s why my nightlife commercials often had a satirical element to them. I looked at nightlife, and often laughed at the ridiculous nature of it all. 

Here’s an example:

I guess, if you’re going to call someone out as a misogynist for posting crude jokes then you have to look inward as well. Have you ever looked at a beer ad with a girl in it? Ladies, did you go to Magic Mike? Many of you have, and that’s because they sold an image to you.

Lastly, the media called into question a post where I called my girlfriend a skank because she beat me at Rummie (For the hundredth time [minimum] she’s a card shark). To many in my circle, skank is like jerk. It’s not a term to be taken seriously. If it were, do you think that my girlfriend would be with me today? Absolutely not. She is with me however, because we respect each other, have similar life experiences, and genuine love. We can also poke fun at each other because we don’t take life too seriously.

But none of that matters because the NDP have tied everyone up in context. The same NDP that raised your PST in a cold and calculated way. The same NDP that just had a leader race because of major issues. The same NDP that … well, I could go on forever. BTW, NDP and media, you said I apologized after the fact and only after I had gotten caught. Well, I know I wasn’t going to apologize before I did something, and that doesn’t set myself or Wab apart. 

My tweets existed like his music, and the next step forward for him was an apology. I thought this part of my life was behind me (even though I do still swear). That is evident in my posts over the last four years. Most of the tweets are from five years ago, and I had 12,000 followers or so. There was plenty of opportunity to get called out, but yet not one woman did call me out, and in fact some retweeted those tweets. If anyone had been offended, I would have apologized to them just the same; not for the words, but because it’s polite to do so. Twitter is very much like a big party where people are joking around, talking about current events, and being generally casual. If someone cracks a crude joke, you don’t punch him in the face, you state you don’t like it and if the person is polite, they’ll keep their humour away from you. And that’s what we’re talking about; some quotes from a book, TV, and a few crude jokes.

We’re not talking about the issues of Southdale anymore because the NDP doesn’t want that. They want the negative campaign, and there it is. I applaud that they still have some strategy and can mount an offense. BUT, we’re not talking about Southdale and that’s sad, because all constituencies need to be heard.

I wanted to run for government to really make a difference in this new day of politics. All I have wanted to do is make my parents proud, and do something to make the world better.

Since that can’t happen with the Liberals, I met with leader, Rana Bokhari and the decision was made for me to resign my candidacy. Yes, because of context I will not be running.

Because all the positive posts I’ve made don’t count, and my actions (working with women, having great relationships with women, etc.) are seen as less of a true window into my soul. Also, I’m not running because the attacks have turned to my mom, girlfriend, and family. I signed up for this, not them.

Whenever something like this happens, a man points to his great relationships with women, but I was told not to do that because it’s tacky. But, how does a man prove he and women have respect for each other if he can’t point to the women in his life as an example? God, we’ve gotten so fucked up and sensitive.

People want their politicians to be perfect. You talk like me, but you’re not running for office, so I get the scrutiny. However, I was running because I have something to contribute to government. I truly believe that, and so too, did a lot of people. The double standard needs to die for us to progress. You can’t have Trump as President, Wab as a candidate, Selinger openly lying. None of that can stand if context is all that comes between me and helping people. The process of getting elected is broken, and I hope there is reform one day.

Getting elected shouldn’t be about money, and associations. The NDP shouldn’t be able to spend tax payer dollars to get elected. Politics should be about the issues ONLY.

I’d like to thank everyone that supported my campaign, those that have publicly come out on my behalf and have sent countless messages to me. You are the people that know me, and that’s why you know, that I am neither sexist or evil. I’m just a guy that loves politics that speaks in a way that some people don’t like. That’s too bad. I would have turned the Leg on its ear.

Now, I found an article featuring all the tweets in question. Let’s deal with them. I’m sure there’s more that people could call me on, just like you can find something on anyone if you add a skewed perspective. In the world of politics, everything’s on the table. I hope the NDP are aware of what they started, because I’m going to guess, it’s on now. So, here we go.

This is an excerpt from my fictional book at one point or another. The book is a love and loath story, about a guy finding it impossible to find true love. He’s frustrated, drinks too much, and lashes out at times. Even so, this is not a post about women, this is a post about “whores” … the profession. What would be better for you? Prostitute? Hooker? Slag? Harlot? 

You do know the definition, right? The media sure didn’t.




1.a prostitute.


1.(of a woman) work as a prostitute.“she spent her life whoring for dangerous men"synonyms:work as a prostitute, sell one’s body, sell oneself, be on the streets"she spent her life whoring”

That wasn’t a judgment about women at all, because it’s your body and you can do whatever you want with it as long as you’re not jeopardizing the safety of others. How dare you act like being a whore means someone is beneath you.

Just because you don’t like the word, “whore” doesn’t mean it’s a bad word, and it also doesn’t mean they should strike it from the dictionary. Grow up.

Wanna know why you didn’t see this perfectly rational explanation in the media? Because it wasn’t a juicy enough continuation of the story.

I stand by this comment. It’s a statement to say that if you refer to your relationship behaviour as “very friendly”, then that’s what a guy is likely to assume. I’ve seen it, and I’ve heard it. I think it’s good to make sure some women who may not know that, do. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s a real thing.

Also, in a lot of younger social circles it’s a virtual hookup cue.

Hollywood … home of the odd sex scene that comes out of nowhere, except in Hitman. It was a different way to play the movie out considering what Hollywood is known for. I also have no problem with being gay. I have some very good friends who are gay, and those friends are some of the best people walking the earth today. I’m not sure how people extrapolated from this tweet that I have something against gay people. You really have to create lines to read between to reach that far.

I honestly cannot remember for the life of me, what she had said that made me tweet this. I went through a time in my life where it seemed that all politicians were out for their own interests. I was angry with the system. I will not be something I am not, and that’s what I thought it took to be a politician. Then I found some good people within the system again. My faith was restored. There is no one out there that can say they have been happy with politics and politicians their whole lives.

Poorly worded, however, true. It saddens me that women would degrade themselves by posting some of the pics that come from CountryFest. The “stupid” is referring to the pics that come in year-after-year, not all girls/women everywhere.

I stand by this post. Women are living art. Look at us guys. We’re balls of clay next to the women of the world. Women go through a lot to look good, and we should absolutely appreciate it. Of course, that’s not to say women are just there to look at. That’s ridiculous, and a shameful reporting practice. I’m dealing with a singular subject … ads. That’s it.

“The Lesbian” is a nickname for someone I used to know. She, at one point came out to every event, but then suddenly lived a life of domestication. I believe the rest of the reference is to a child and a puppy. I dunno, I tweeted tens of thousands of times.

There was this phase that some girls went through. I mean girls literally. They ended every sentence with “bitch”. It was terrible. I’m not too sure what I meant with the novelty T’s comment, but I did wear a lot of novelty t’s back then (shameful, I know). I’m gonna say I probably missed the word “myself” in there. Perhaps I was editing for space? Not sure. Again, when you look back at thousands of tweets, stuff like this is just not important so it’s hard to recall what was exactly happening in that moment.

I was at a birthday party. The waitress made a comment, and everyone laughed. Literally everyone lol’ed. This is not me calling all girls I dated these names. I was proud at the time that someone would say such a thing about the girl that was sitting next to me.

The girl I dated before my ex-fiance was pretty horrible to me. This is something I learned after the fact.

This woman is one of the sweetest people I know. Someone called her a bitch, and I was just letting her know that she is the furthest thing from.

This whole tweet is strange. It doesn’t sound like me at all. If I am to assume that this is real and just the NDP being the NDP, then I stand by the fact that Bachman and Palin are not very good female political role models. Those are the only two female politicians that have ever made me angry. I was running in a party with a female leader. Of the tweets that were reported, I have to say that I believe this one is fabricated, but if not, now you know what I meant.

Are you overly excited about Bachman or Palin? 

In response to the many statuses on Facebook, this was my satirical tweet about the various ridiculous stages people seem to go through when posting online. This was also a part of The Winnipeg Show content that hit the cutting room floor. It was tested on my Twitter.

Her role on Dawson’s Creek was that of a teenager that grew up too fast. She portrayed a promiscuous girl. This is commentary. If the word “slut” offends you, I get it. You don’t like to hear such words, but it is in the dictionary and is the apt noun for this particular comment.

This is a joke. My friend had made reference to going out for a chick flick, and how much he hated it. That’s it.

A paraphrase of a quote by fictional character, Hank Moody.

This is a quote from somewhere. I’m not too sure where though. I heard it and thought it was humorous for the same reason that most of you do as well.

I have four friends that have gone through this course. They all say that the teacher treats them like competition, and is scarce with info. Is that what a teacher is supposed to be like? Not likely.

I actually have zero idea what I meant here. Also, there’s a tongue face icon, clearly saying that the conversation was not to be taken seriously.

So there you have it. Am I crude at times? Absolutely. Do I swear more than some people? For sure. But does this make me a misogynist? GFY. Of course not. 

I know what the NDP were doing; they picked a theme and dug through my twitter to try and paint me with a broad brush. Of the thousands of tweets I made over the years, you have 19, taken with zero context. SJWs will tell you that I’m a misogynist, but that’s just another word they didn’t look up in the dictionary.



1.a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.synonyms:woman-hater; More

There is 1 tweet of 19 where I suggest prejudice, and that is the only one I can’t remember writing. Odd, right? Now, maybe you think crudeness suggests misogyny. If you do, you’re blurring the lines.

I made fun of men, myself, my friends, movies, etc. I also posted blogs about treating women with respect that were clearly sincere. If you’re offended by the words I use, I apologize you had to read them, and in your presence I would never use them. However, I will not apologize for being crude. 69% of people say they swear regularly. I guarantee the vast majority of politicians that you have elected have said much, more worse.

At some point the people are going to have to look at their politicians without the rose coloured glasses. If the worst a guy or gal has done is swear, but his or her ideas and commitment to the people shows no wavering then I think he or she is electable. But that’s just me, or is it? I guess time will tell.

I know one thing, I was ready for the attention, but once the media and the public started attacking the people around me, that was too much. I’ll never stand for that.